Helping a Cybersecurity firm scaling by hiring a Scala Development team


Scala is a complex high-end language built to expand in response to its users’ needs. Scala was created to overcome the shortcomings of java, it has many complex features making it more difficult to learn for junior developers. However, the need for Scala developers has been on the rise in recent years. As its ability to various features offered by the language like the flexibility, distributed and concurrent programming parallelism, a number of libraries that helps building abstractions easier, etc. With rising demand for Scala developers world wide, hiring Scala developers has become a difficult task in markets like the USA, the UK, and most of Western Europe. So businesses look for alternative talent pools in other parts of the globe like India which stands second in the top three locations by the number of Scala developers.


Our client is a software product company that builds and provides cybersecurity solutions through a combined approach of artificial intelligence and technology backed by professional experiences made to analyze and take action against real time threats. The company opened a new office after acquiring a local startup, and was looking to expand their team with Scala developers from India.


Our client used Scala to build big data pipelines as an integral part of their product. They specialized in mobile apps, data science projects, and built cloud-based platforms. Scala is one of the best functional programming languages, interoperable with other JVM-based languages, and highly scalable. So they needed developers with proficiency in languages like Java and Scala and frameworks including Angular, Hadoop, Spark, Flutter, React Native etc. Developers familiar with functional language concepts and experience with Scala were rare and hiring Scala developers in a competitive market seemed to be a complicated and time-consuming process. Considering the deficit of Scala developers, finding a skilled engineer locally was hard. That is why they decided to partner with Centizen to set up a dedicated development team in India.

Centizen Solution

Centizen being networked with talented programmers in India, can find, hire, and retain coders as per business needs. Centizen’s team sat after a quick call discussing their requirements & after a better understanding of the employer’s pov, Centizen started with looking into its acquired talent pool. With the received requirements our team looked for candidates who matched the employer’s requirement. We helped cut short the recruitment time and provided access to tech talent they wouldn’t have found locally. Our development team were experts in key technologies used on the project, like Scala, Java and JavaScript. As a result of successful collaboration, the company launched two new products which enabled them to secure hybrid environments from security complexity and risk. They also worked on deploying high-quality, dependable softwares.

Business Solution

  • New tech talent pools
  • Wide-ranging expertise
  • Lower salary rates
  • Trusted outsourcing partner

Given the scarcity of Scala engineers, finding and recruiting Scala developers in a competitive market is a difficult and time-consuming task. Because it might be difficult to find experienced developers locally, many firms opt to outsource Scala development. More and more businesses are turning to Indian developers because of new digital talent pools, broad experience, reduced pricing, and a wide range of reliable outsourcing partners. Should you find yourself in need of a team, contact Centizen Talent Hub.

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