Case Study : How a Video Streaming Service Built a Team of Senior Software Engineers with Centizen


Remote work and outsourcing have become realistic and even lucrative choices for addressing the skills shortage and expanding horizons in acquiring global talent. Centizen Talent Hub has been helping businesses around the globe to find apt talent to attain maximum potential. A video streaming service that blew up past predictions and was looking to expand their teams.


Our client, a video streaming service that brings friends and family together through entertainment, was exploring the app genre with an idea for a live stream platform. They created a live-streaming app for iOs and Android where friends can join the broadcast, watch, comment during streams & the streams can also be published as videos. Experiencing rapid growth in its early stage, they were looking to expand their developing team. With the need to handle high volume data they were skeptical about recruiting offshore developers for their video streaming service and decided to partner with an outsourcing agency. Centizen provided them with the additional technical competence they required to increase capacity while lowering overall operating expenses.


Our client built a reliable end-to-end video streaming service solution for encoding, transcoding, delivery, and playback on mobile devices. As the self-proclaimed digital natives express themselves, document their lives on a daily basis, the platform blew up faster than anticipated. The means to let your friends know what you are up to with the sharing feature that turned 3,400 daily active users into over 60,000 within three weeks. This converted what was a few dozen live streams a day to over 50,000.

As a startup venture in its early phases of development and funding, they needed to scale their staff who could act as mentors and help them in delivering the experience of providing their communities something they could value and utilise.

They wanted a team of senior developers for Video Streaming Service Consisting of 1 Front-end developer, 1 Android developer, 2 iOS developers, 1 QA Automation engineer, 1 PHP developer. Finding level-3 candidates was their main motive and knowing the markets they turned to Centizen Talent Hub to keep their expenses reasonable.

Centizen Solution

Our recruitment team recognized their challenges by scheduling sessions with them gathering requirements on the team size and the technologies the developers need to be specialized in. Our team ensures the candidates are evaluated for culture and values fit as well as technical fit. The best-fit candidates were made to attend interviews for our clients to evaluate and screen based on their requirements. At the end of the screening process, a team consisting of 5 developers and an expert QA professional was formed.

Our proficient developers worked hard to deliver out-of-the-box custom web solutions that not only improved the look, feel and functionality but also helped the app to drive user engagement and retention. Our team of developers observed the app’s audience data and created different versions of the app to appeal to a variety of age groups. People were directed to appropriate versions based on their age while signing up. The QA Automation engineer in the team ensured that the final outcome met the most stringent quality standards and the queries were resolved. This resulted in 60% retention after 30 days and a 4 times increase in acquisition.

Business Solution

  • Delivered a tailored, top-quality personal media streaming app to compete in the dynamic market conditions.
  • More than 50% per month in successful sign-ups and over 150,000 posts per day.
  • Our faster hassle-free hiring and technical expertise will add to your capacity while reducing the overall cost.
  • Provides flexibility and adaptability to your needs as you grow.
  • Constant support post-hiring, smooth onboarding and regular check-ins ensure successful long-term partnership with clients.

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