Hiring a Software Development Team on short notice


Finding the greatest developers & building a team is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to putting together a successful software development team. In a SaaS environment, the development teams either make or break the organization. With IT industries scaling their businesses, by hiring remote software development teams it is fit to say that corporations are partly gambling their chances solely with how they hire.


Our client is a US-based startup company with their interests leaning towards Big Data Analytics. The team had an idea for an application that could simplify entered data to a user understandable format. They were in need of a development team that could work with them and develop the application for them. Their standards were higher and exceeded expectations that would allow their consumers to embrace their brands without any questions. Our client needed someone to work for them long-term & be at the top of their game with willingness to level up each day. On the whole, they believed in mutual benefits with real-time digital strategy to facilitate customer digital transformation by teaming with Centizen Talent Hub, to make a profound impact.


Since our client is a startup company, in their early stages our client needed to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) A web app to analyze the specifications among the global users for better enhancement. But, the real struggle was that the app needed to be deployed within 3 weeks. Exactly, our client needed a remote software development team, competent in developing an MVP app for their chosen functionalities, and design mockups. Developing such a web application within a stipulated time was challenging. It required realistic planning, an accurate implementation and coordination between the software development team to make it a reality. Our clients were bent on time with limited time pool and resources, and reached out to Centizen Talent Hub, to hire a Software development team, adhering to their guidelines.

Centizen Solution

As our client’s team were clear about what they wanted, we were able to quickly coordinate and hire the right team and plan, focusing more on the quality and the practicality of the software development team. Our process started with understanding the concept of what they were looking for in our offshore software development team hire. To satisfy their requirements we hired an Indian offshore software development team of a Tech Lead, Full-stack developer, Front-end developer, Back-end developer, QA Lead, QA engineer, UI/UX designer. The software development team we hired had experienced candidates with skills and knowledge of popular tools to cope up and deliver a feasible MVP development.

Business Solution

As trusted, our recruited Indian software development team develops a web application within 3 weeks and prepares it to test with global users, to make further improvements on the development of the web application. Financing on the offshore software development team supports their current efforts in securing capital ventures.

After collaborating with the best offshore recruiting platform, Centizen Talent Hub, our client’s revenue has doubled with steady annual growth. To make the cut, our client now encourages small and middle businesses to initiate outsourcing with Centizen Talent Hub, in terms of flexibility and talent.

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