Case Study: Software Development Team Augmentation


As offices are opening back, businesses are returning to their former glory and now handling multiple projects that require skilled candidates. This demands staff for projects temporarily intending to maximise an organization’s capacity by recruiting specialists to augment the team’s performance. Team augmentation acts as a means to fill the resource gap of an in-house team with additional skills required to support their initiatives. We deployed a developer team, progressed work on a new product, facilitated scalability, and became our client’s long-term talent partner.


Our client is a multinational software firm specializing in a wide range of software development services, from premeditated to custom software development. From dedicated code development for web and mobile applications to providing consulting services for small and large businesses, our client has handled every potential challenge with the newest technologies & experts.


Our client required an in-house team to improve the performance of the app they were working on. They had problems with handling a large amount of app traffic. In addition to that, they needed to change the system’s backend architecture and technology stack along with a few functionalities. This called for expanding the team by recruiting exceptional candidates with experience who could help in improving their product. This is when they approached us – Centizen Talent Hub, for Team Augmentation with a need to scale their development team on short notice as they struggled to find experts.

Centizen Solution

Centizen has a vast talent network of pre-vetted talents, from which our recruitment team evaluated and shortlisted best-fit matching talents for our clients. Our hiring process started with a session of requirement gathering from our clients regarding the challenges they faced and the kind of skill set to be found in the talents to overcome those challenges. We also decided on the roles to be included in the dedicated team. Since the in-house team needed help to guide them with the existing project, the remote team had to include senior developers with problem-solving skills and specific in-depth knowledge of each module in the project.

With the new team on board, they designed a new architecture for the application network layer which accelerated data processing and increased the app stability. This brought about extendable and customizable functionalities leading to performance improvements. Our recruits were able to work with an incredible client across the globe and our client found a reliable team for their critical situation under short notice.


Business Solution

  • An efficient team within the specified budget constraint
  • Hassle-free recruitment process
  • Highly specialized and veteran developers for ongoing projects
  • A quick fix for challenges faced

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