Case Study : Offshore Flutter Mobile App Developers


Creating an app that works on both Android and iOS with a single codebase is a real treat. You don’t need to learn how to develop apps for Android and iOS as there are frameworks that allow you to switch between these. Ionic, first of these successful frameworks, still had its issues, and then Google announced Flutter. Flutter is an open-source software development kit and framework released by Google to build next-gen cross-platform applications ie.) building apps for iOS and Android with one codebase. In Flutter, the SDK(Software Development Kit) consists of a pre-built rich widget that makes it a powerful platform to build a hybrid app. By using these features, the flutter mobile app developers combine both the native quality and cross-platform flexibility.


Our client, a telecommunications service provider of renowned name in their industry helping build meaningful connections, was looking to hire flutter mobile app developers well versed in Dart language.


Our client required flutter mobile app developers to develop a cross-platform mobile application on scheduled time. Unfortunately, they were in a dilemma over whether to hire developers on hourly basis, part time or hire a dedicated team. Since the app they were building was quite complex, they reached out to Centizen Talent Hubfor a dedicated team consisting of a project manager, flutter developers, designers, testers based on their requirements. As Per our research, we found that developers charged based on their skills, expertise, experience and the number of projects they have done. It also depends on the type of mobile App – Basic, User authentication, Social media or Ecommerce apps – and location. Compared to other locations like North America($150 to $200/hour), Australia($100-$150/hour), Western Europe($50-$100/hour) and Latin America($50/hour), the hourly rates for flutter mobile app developers in India($20-40/hour) is more affordable. So after a brief discussion with the clients, we both agreed to hire Indian developers.

Centizen Solution

Our hiring team at Centizen listened carefully to all their requirements regarding the Flutter development process in depth. Our recruitment team is a pro in matching the best fit from our repository of candidates and providing clients with the best talents in India. We were able to build the team of manager, Flutter developers and testers within a span of two weeks. Our client was convinced with the team and was able to produce sophisticated tailor-made apps by tapping into the team’s expertise in Flutter and Dart. In less than 3 months time, our dedicated flutter mobile app developers were able to build their first fully functional app that met all the requirements of the clients. As the team consisted of a project Manager, it was easier for our client to manage and monitor the team despite the time zone differences.

Business Solution

  • Dedicated flutter mobile app developers helped crafting scalable, and award-winning applications.
  • Access to veteran talents having hands-on experience to deploy reliable and high-quality applications at lower rates.
  • Partnership with an elite talent network like Centizen, ensures transparency and clarity in your outsourcing contracts. Expenses only include developers’ monthly salaries and a fixed fee for our services. There are no other hidden costs.
  • Partnering with a talent solution provider like ours benefits businesses with long-term project having multiple changes in requirements, but high level of budgeting control

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